Heisenberg Directive Revoked

Regular readers might be interested in noting that the answer to the third question on the answers page has been revised.

And so far, she seems to be okay with what's here.

It's funny how often we hear that we have too much time on our hands. But then more than one person who has said that has become a frequent contributor.

Since she linked to us, I suppose we could spell out what 5M stands for, but I'm just too used to typing the two characters.

Anyway, it is good to hear that she is taking down the Elphin posting. I hope she eventually gets to the comments we've exchanged on the dangers of talking about the K-witch.


4th Dwarf said...

Once again, I feel overly limited by the poll.

There should at least be a combination of the screenplay and Bridgehead coffee.

Plus, after the screenplay, I'm hoping for a spot on Hollywood Squares. Not the centre square, but one of the corners maybe. And for all the trivia questions that come my way, I'd answer: "Arr, in my pants!" or "Arr, that's what she said!"

Agents A and O said...

Conch Shell, Coyote, 6th Apostle,

Where are you? While Agatha and Siren have excused absences, you do not.

(Independent Observer, your absence is also noted, but as you are not a formal blog member, we can issue no formal citation against you.)

Just to save people work, the CRTF Research Department is going through LL profiles and hopes to have a number of recommendations for 5M by late this afternoon.

Conch Shell said...

And perhaps other poll questions should be:

- stop procrastinating through this blog
- find other blogs to comment on
- start commenting on politics and news like everyone else does in blogs
- allow fellow ESI's to comment ad-nauseum about details of our own sordid lives
- get addicted to a TV soap instead

Besides, I think the poll was brought to us by Blog Admin, not 5M.

Conch Shell said...

Good -- some of those LL guys can sound like good catches. Of course, perhaps some of you guys would too and we all know the truth about that.

6th Apostle said...

What's that Conchie? Did I note some sarcasm about the ESI lads falsely presenting themselves as being good catches? Have you seen my latest photo? I, mean, seriously, how could I be any worse in person?

And I think if we could seriously ask a poll question regarding details about our own sordid lives we wouldn't have needed this blog to begin with.

4th Dwarf said...


Here's some news from today's Globe that may please Aggie:

Guantanamo's readers

Books about boy wizard Harry Potter have become favourite reading material among Islamic terror suspects at the U.S. detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, The Washington Times reports. Citing a librarian working at the centre, the newspaper said J. K. Rowling's tales are on the top of the request list for the camp's 520 al-Qaeda and Taliban suspects, followed by Agatha Christie novels.

The Independent Observer said...

And here is an item from today's Globe by Dawn Walton that might give pause (paws?) to Coyote should he stray beyond Boushey's for his next feed:

NEAR CROWSNEST PASS, ALTA. -- Like paparazzi of the wildlife world, a group of Alberta researchers is using dozens of heat-sensing cameras mounted on trees to surreptitiously snap photos of anyone and anything in this Rocky Mountain playground.

Curious deer are caught staring into the lens like, well, deer in headlights. Dirt-bike riders are captured whizzing through the woods. A black bear seemingly intent on maintaining its privacy is snared glaring at the camera, followed by a close up of its nose and finally the intimate details of its toothed mouth, which would explain a puncture left in the camera's lens.

Each time film is developed, says Michael Quinn, project coordinator and environmental scientist with the University of Calgary, 'It's like Christmas.'

coyote said...

Y'know, after all the psychic damage caused by the Dude Cam, I can't imagine what a Coyote Cam would do...

And Agents A & O: Shove it up yer regulatory joompahs. I'm a coyote, given to unbidden naps.

Agents A and O said...

Really, Coyote, we're just doing our job.

Speaking of which, you may find this non-5M content at our blog interesting.

And now we will commence with our synopses of various Lavalife possibilities for 5M to pursue.

Agents A and O said...

Rubio75 "Looking for my muse"
Age: 30
Height: 5'9"
Body Type: average

The short version is I am a nice guy looking for a nice girl...
I like animals, even cats though they make me sneeze. I'm still looking for a nice girl.

CRTF analsysis: 5M, Rubio seems to be using LavaLife to pursue you after failing elsewhere. Give him a miss. Plus, we all know what "average" means on Lavalife.

Agents A and O said...

Age: 36
Height: 6'4"
Body Type: muscular

Well back for a another kick a the can on here,lol,,but seriously,just looking for somebody fun,outgoing,down to earth ,has a good head on there shoulders and hmmm cute isnt a bad thing either,lol.
Soo on that note,,if u are semi intrigued by what u see and read,feel free to drop me a line,cause i sure will:).

P.S.,,this intro will be more updated once i have time to realy express what i wanna say.

CRTF Analysis: It's hard to believe that someone this close to illiteracy would be able to use the internet to put up a fake picture, but this would seem to demonstrate it is possible. DoubleJJone says he's "back". From a stint at the Regional Detention Facility?

Anonymous said...

Maybe with the end of summer will come the end of this blog. One can only hope.

Agents A and O said...

LTO2005 “The Poet writes then he writes some more…”
Age: 32
Height: 5'11"
Body Type: fit
Languages Spoken: English, French
Religion: prefer not to say

What magic words can I weave to entice you? Shall I be the poet who puts you into a trance with my words? Or use no words at all? Perhaps it is true that the bold and brave exist no more. Do you believe it? Hide if you must but if you must the world will pass you by. Don't let the world pass you by. If you know truth, embrace adventure, and admire laughter then you know the poet. The poet keeps on writing because he knows one day he will be eternally inspired.

Wow that was fun! Call collect if you must. I'm bored with this whole thing.

CRTF Analysis: Is the 5M ready for another poet? This fellow makes our skin crawl, but then so does the dude, and she seems to kind of like him.

Conch Shell said...

Agents A & O, find a good one, not more bad ones.

4th Dwarf said...


D'ye think it's bad judgment leading the lass to wind up with these dud(e)s?

Y'say "some of those LL guys can sound like good catches," but they look like throw-backs to me.

coyote said...

Huh. Conch, Dwarf, if these specimens are a representative sample, it doesn't look so much like bad judgement as the law of averages working against her. Just for starts, I want to bite that 'poet' on the ankle...

Conch Shell said...

I don't know -- having never been on the LL circuit myself, I'm not sure, but I suspect that there's some good ones out there, who don't come across all poseurish, juvenile, and superior. If I must, Agents A&O, I'll venture there myself.
Perhaps I'm naive, but I think this is about inappropriate choices.
But all this talk about gross men made me want to shed all those old pics of me letting yicky guys touch my shell in inappropriate ways. I am now beautiful in my independence, don't you think?

6th Apostle said...

Ooh, Conchie....what are you doin' Saturday night?