Ahh, the ironies of life

Are you experienced?
It looks like M has come under the spell of Saint Agnes the Chaste.

I'll leave it to the rest of you to provide any further comments on this observation of M's guilt-based obsession with the Virgin of Trois Rivieres. (Ooo..I just had a chill. Do I sense a new beatification coming from la belle province?)


4th Dwarf said...

Nate, I'm glad you started us off on a religious theme because while I was fixing a window covering here at the cottage, I was thinking about how today's posting would affect 5M's born-again Christian fans.

Moths to a flame.

In the protestant evangelical world, virgins aren't the big deal they are for Catholics.

But the fallen women are another story.

There are two main ways to score street cred in an evangelical Christian community.

#1) Demonstrate the power of God by going from being a huge sinner to a saved and morally upright individual. This is pretty tough for the average person who has basically always been a good guy. You're in the testimony period saying things like "before I found Jesus, I used to gossip about my coworkers something fierce". When you get followed by someone who talks about selling their mother's engagement ring to buy smack, you feel like an idiot.

#2) Be such a powerful witness for Christ that you bring a huge sinner into the fold. Imagine that during testimony period someone gets up and says: "I used to go from one meaningless sex episode to another, I was filled with hatred for others, looking for fulfillment on the internet! Can you believe it? Well, fulfillment isn't found on the internet. It's found in the love of Jesus. The Holy Spirit acting through the words and actions of Brother Evild'r taught me that. I saw my life was a hollow empty shell, and now I've found love and rejoice in the Glory of God every day!" Big street cred for the one that brings the sinner in.

Keeping in mind that for many born again Christians, non-procreative sex within a marriage is not only permitted but encouraged in order to strengthen the bonds of love, our lass is a mighty enticing prospect for the single evangelical boy.

And why does 5M seem to not only tolerate but like Evild'r? Could it be an attraction to less experienced guys?

The Independent Observer said...

The 5M's post provides some fresh insight into the dynamics of her relationship with M, particularly his mindset during their time together.

Until now, M's seeming indifference toward the 5M's desire for a deeper romantic union has come across at times as dismissive and uncaring. But perhaps there was something noble, or at least principled, motivating his reluctance to tread that path any further. M knew a full-fledged relationship with the 5M wasn't in the cards. And still guilty over his pairing with the Trois-Rivieres chick, maybe he didn't want to leave behind another woman who would, in his mind, eventually feel taken advantage of and tossed aside. Nor, it appears, did he want to be saddled with more angst from another failed sexual relationship. All of this would put suggestions of M's asexuality wide of the mark. In this case, the flesh might have been willing but the spirit concerned it wasn't the right thing to do, for a variety of reasons. So while M and the 5M did explore coupledom, it was a journey he could not continue.

coyote said...

Hey, short stuff, I think there's also:
#3) Forbidden fruit. Some evangelical types get a thrill flirting with the dark side, and imagining that they've virtuously conquered it... or even seeking sanctioning forgiveness after a suitable period of sin. Some only wish they could get that far. I digress. (Cynically, but I'm a somewhat cynical coyote at times. Especially when it comes to the evangelical schema.)

But by my ancient rule-of-paw standards, our Muse ain't even really dark, more grayish -- like most people. For her, I imagine something on par with pearl gray. But who knows what the hell an evangelical sees through his particular set of dark glasses? Or blinkers? Quasi-spirituality is a very funny thing...

4th Dwarf said...

Good points, Coyote. Of course, pursuit of the forbidden fruit can't be a conscious desire for a born again, but the desire would be there. (Remember Jimmy Carter lusting in his heart?) Especially for one who has never really sinned.

I agree with your assessment of 5M, but speaking of "pearl gray", I wonder what Conch Shell would have to add to this discussion, she's usually got an interesting perspective on the religious side.

IO, that scope of yours has given you a view I hadn't considered. The question is, are you seeing the canals of Mars, which turned out to be a figment of weak lenses or the rings of Saturn, which really exist and can be seen around other gas giants when you've got a strong enough telescope outside the atmosphere.