Empty Space

"Interestingly, according to modern astronomers, space is finite. This is a very comforting thought-- particularly for people who can never remember where they have left things." - Woody Allen

A bit of a melancholy day. The painful disengagement process from M. And a reminder that even dysfunctional relationships can fill up space in our lives. And then Mags leaves this week. Empty space does not seem to offer any creative possibilities for the 5M this particular evening. But we know that can change.


Conch Shell said...

Is it raining outside? Feels like it should be.

4th Dwarf said...

Speakin' of empty space, why have none of these fabulous new people helped Musie out with her html problem?

Has nobody explained to her that she can edit her postings in Compose mode, highlight the text she wants to have a link, click the little button with the infinity sign on the globe (that's next to the T with the palette) and then paste in the URL (including the http part)?

Has nobody explained that to her?

And then if she want to get really fancy, she can switch to "edit HTML" mode and add a title="blah blah blah" to have a little box show up that says "blah blah blah" before the person clicks the link? Or she can even add a target="blank" to make it open in a new window (all this inside the wee greater than and less than signs after the first "a").

Has nobody explained this?

coyote said...

Good commentary, Dwarf, even if it's not the kind in which we usually deal. And, Conch, perhaps you're thinking of installing skylights in your shell...?

Now, certain truncated pirates (We'll avoid discussing his mojo while the li'l brigand is still brig-bound) said yesterday that they didn't see the utility in having spaces between relationships. He almost immediately undermined that statement by talking about all of the other things one could do. These -- and the Muse's short list of the positive things that have happened to her of late -- are all about making friends with oneself, I think.

The full process takes space. Big space.

Somebody -- mighta been a raven, they're big talkers -- once told me that we all try to resolve issues in our relationships, and that, if they're big issues, we keep returning to the same kind of relationship until we work them out. Sorta chip away at 'em incrementally, as it were. Lonely as it is, sometimes it is good to have space in which to process the revelations that well up from hidden memory. And while she's at it, I think she really should figure out how to post that link. I have a feeling it's a picture of Maggie. Food porn! Rapture!

Hermit Crab said...

This space, it is horrible, oppressive, depressing. What am I? I am nothing, alone, lost, empty. Does anything have meaning? When I die, is that the end? These walls should all be black.

coyote said...

Well, this is grim and existential... sounds to me like you need skylights, too.

4th Dwarf said...

Although I think she should join a whistling group, I don't think the wee she-demon will. (click here to see my reasons why everyone should join a whistling group)

I think our literary canine friend is recommending that she engage in some sort of process to make friends with herself.

And everyone else seems to be wrapped in some sort of fog of depression.

I have found another answer: Pronoia Therapy. It is therapy designed to give practicioners pronoid delusions, delusions that the universe is conspiring to help them. You can start with this 13-point PRONOIA THERAPY FOR BEGINNERS provided by the Freewill Astrology people.

You might think this is much like the "be positive" advice various members of the ESIs have advocated in the past, but it is not. This time there are specific instructions. It has to be good because it has one more action than a 12-step program.

It could also be something for M to try. Especially step 5.

the casual kicker-in-the-??? said...

Gotta like step 5.

coyote said...

Huh. While I see merit in much of what he says about pronoia, Dwarf, Mr. Free Will Astrology seems to feel that coyotes must be dark, cynical and rebellious. Amateur!

Agents A and O said...

4th Dwarf: While we liked your Pronoia Theraphy posting, we must remind you that referring to your own personal blogsite falls under self-referential wanking. This is not explicitly stated in our guidelines; we simply assumed that this regulation could be inferred from B:1.

the casual kicker-in-the-??? said...

agents a and o: see step 5, above.

4th Dwarf said...

Yeah, CRTF agents, see step 5.

I thought I was following yer "guideline" C(3) If others would be interested in the full text, provide a link to the original site.

Ye're gettin' as bad as the Ethics Committee fer vague rules that are only clarified after a breach.

Anyway, what're ye gonna do t'me? Throw me in the brig?

the casual kicker-in-the-??? said...

Dwarf: not possible, for obvious reasons. However, they COULD try to make you follow step 5. If that occurs, just about the whole darn blogging community will be kicking themselves in the &*%%$.

Could be interesting.

coyote said...

Seismic, even.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to lcp????

4th Dwarf said...

Nonnie, you should try reading 5M's blog:

On Friday, August 26, 2005, 5M gave us a post about him that started "So, how does it end?..." and she concluded with: "I’ll leave it at that.
There will be other tales to tell and perhaps addendum at another point in time."

You might not be finished with him, but she is.

agents a and o said...

No need for the tone, 4th Dwarf.