Oh, What a State


(F)Another Saturday Night and I (Bb) ain't got nobody
(F)I got some money 'cause I (C) just got paid,
(F) Oh, how I wish I had (Bb)someone to talk to,
(F) I'm in an (C)awful (F)way.

(F) discovered ESI (Bb) a few days ago,
(F7) And I seen a lot of (C7) posts since then,
(F) If I could meet 'em, I could (F7) get 'em,
But as (C7) yet I haven't met 'em,
(F) That's how (C)I'm in the state (F)I'm in...

Oh No Another...(chorus)

"You need the dark to find the stars..."

*Siren thanks and acknowledges Sam Cooke, the writer of "Another Saturday Night."
-Not to mention a later, but still brilliant cover by Cat Stevens.

Nightie, Night, All.


Conch Shell said...

Welcome Siren, what a wonderful addition. I love the fear factor you bring to us as you lure us into who knows what kind of dangerous waters. All very exciting.

Agatha said...

Siren, at first I thought you were doing that cool thing with brackets that the 5M does ( yoga f(l)ake)), but then I realized they were chords.

Corrie said...

Yes, dear Aggie, Siren tends to communicate in song, wherever possible. So look for chords with most of my missives. HEAR the music while reading the message, if even just inside your head. I also like to throw in as much background trivia as possible about the song in question, and welcome any additional trivia anyone may care to add, about the music. Learning is a lifelong process in which Siren is keenly interested...especially when it comes to song.

6th Apostle said...

Our seafaring Dwarf better put melted wax in his ears so as not to be lured into a shipwreck by the voice of this sea-nymph.

4th Dwarf said...

'Tis true, Nate, I've been lured to more'n one rocky shore by a pretty voice.

But enough about Waggie's newest incarnation. I have a

Fieldwork Report

Time: 6 bells of the first watch (23:00)

Coyote and meself found ourselves at the BH on Elgin Street [we'd stopped by our usual watering hole, but found it crowded and the only people we knew were two bucaneers who had shared a rocky shore or two with me (if ye spot the meaning of me signal flag)].

Coyote suggested we try out the lemon squares and I allowed as it might be a worthy piece of research.

We ordered a small decaf, a large decaf and two lemon squares (Price = $9.57), and took them outside.

The coffee was fine. The lemon squares, a bit dry, not as lemony as I'd like (aboard ship, yer teeth would rot from the sugar before y'ate enough to prevent scurvy). "I'm sure Aggie's would be better," I insisted and Coyote agreed.

Then I took out two biscotti I'd concealed on my person. (Yes, they'd been in my pocket and Coyote and I did the obligatory is that biscotti in your pocket joke.)

The fact of the matter is that Coyote is indeed a canine of depth. At his lair he had all the ingredients for biscotti. "... and the hazel nuts were about to go stale..." so he made biscotti and brought some for me.

I can confirm that biscotti dipped in hot coffee is superior to BH's lemon squares.

I confessed to Coyote that I didn't know how I'd be able to report on dipping his biscotti without coming across like a lubber who threads his riggin' the wrong way (if ye spot the drift of me...), but I'm a pirate who's comfortable in his manhood.

Interesting observation from Coyote: How does a poor student justify spending $15 a day on coffee, iced coffee and lemon squares at BH?

coyote said...

Welcome in your latest incarnation, Siren, as long as you're not singing on the Pound Paddy Wagon. I hate those.

And managing filberts in the larder ain't bad for a semi-mythical, immaterial construct of no certain address, is it? As for the contents of your pockets, Dwarf, I, also, am a coyote who is comfortable in his masculinity. A regular new age guy...

Conch Shell said...

I think you both doth protest too much comfort in said sexuality.

4th Dwarf said...

Well, Conchie, 'tis true we're not as comfortable as you with sexuality.

F'r'instance, I'd be too shy to post a picture of a chubby-cheeked islander with their lips puckered up to my pointy bit.

Corrie said...

Ooooooohhhhhh....I feel a song coming on, inspired by those last few comments....let me work on it and I'll get back to you...