5M, She is 'a Posting (AKA They are Men)

Ah, Siren is thinking the 5M's latest posting is yet another cry of despair for a REAL man. She hates these "peter pan" types, or so she says...

Coincidentally enough, we here at the ESI's have "real" mean coming out of our...well, they claim to be many and manly. And oh, so secure! Makes a Siren want to sing a little song...

So, this goes out to all of you:

I'm A Man*

(w/riff 1)
All you pretty women,
Stand in line,
I can make love to you baby,
In an hour's time.
Now i'm a man
I spell M-A-N...woo
(w/riff 2)
(w/riff 1)
The line I shoot,
Will never miss,
Make love to you baby,
You can't resist.
Now I'm a man,
I spell M-A-N...man.
(w/riff 2)

(w/riff 1)
Goin back down,
To Kansas too,
Bring back a little girl,
Just like you.
Now I'm a man,
I spell M-A-N...man.

*Many, many thanks to the legendary Yardbirds for that hearty rendition of manly stuff.
How do YOU spell M-A-N?
5M may answer: "M."

1 comment:

6th Apostle said...

I predict another lavalife foray for 5M. Perhaps this fall.

Well, Coyote and 4th Dwarf, time to update those profiles and give the lass a second look. We all know you're real men (well, real males if we need to be technical).