Field Work at Spins'n'Needles

Agatha and I had a fine time at Spins'n'Needles this evening. Once again, I made the craft provided while Agatha did some cartooning.

I made the first in what I hope will be an entire line of games based on the 5M's life. This is one of those ones where you have to get little silver balls representing 5M and M in the right holes. Here they are together at the Elgin BH:

The under-side gives you the points to play for depending on whether you want to be 5M or M.

For her cartooning, Agatha decided to go meta-self-referential.


Agent A said...

Agatha, no need for the stubby finger, we've already about given up on you on citations under Section B of the guidelines.

4th Dwarf, we had expected better from you in terms of not encouraging others to commit section B violations. We would also have expected you to put two streets between Elgin and Bank.

Corrie said...

Agatha: we may have to converge sometime in the near future to discuss your artistic potentials. And your ideas.
4D: I'd hardly call it "meta-self-referential-wanking" when Aggie herself is not even pictured in the Hawaii cube (or is that the dear girl behind the beach umbrella?)

coyote said...

That damn Alvin...

4th Dwarf said...

Actually, Coyote, we were wondering if it wasn't possibly Alvin who drafted that harsh post you directed at Trodat yesterday.

And Siren, I know you're just trying to bait me with these comments where you give a knee-jerk reaction to something I say, but I have to tell you, between mining and pirate school, I've no time for romance.

The Independent White Spy Observer said...

And I'm pretty sure that was my evil twin behind the tree...

Corrie said...

4D: let me assure you, all my responses to you are VERY well-thought-out.
As for coyote's harsh comment to trodat, I note you concurred pretty quickly with a little jab of your own.
What I'm thinking is, between mining and pirate school, you seem to have a whole heck of a lot of time to blog. Why not romance as well?
Why don't we combine Aggie's gifted visual artistry with your meta-presence on the Web, and come up with an electronic dating plan for you? Perhaps we could use some recent first-class research (I happen to know of) on first, second, third-base and home-run mating techniques and responses? Hmmmm?
-and whatever self-appointed, rule-obsessed, snotty, invasive, over-bearing and wanking committee, group, observers or otherwise at this point wants to comment on my incredible fall from grace into self-referential wanking, please refer immediately to Agatha's above salute to you, and consider it my reaction as well.
-Not that I spend a whole lot of time blogging, myself. No. I have a life. Really I do.