Breaking news: Minty's got Connor

Some of us have been concerned about the fate of the 5M's kittens after they got dumped off at the vet's. Mintyfr*sh seems to be fostering a cute little orange fellow named....you guessed it--Connor!!


4th Dwarf said...

Could it be that the others are Kali, Blue and Sweetie/Stinky Butt?

They look too small to me.

Conch Shell said...

Would it be unethical if one of us were to adopt one of these former foster kitties?
IO perhaps?

Agatha said...

I think it would only be unethical if a drooling Coyote adopted one of them.

coyote said...

Drooling? Agatha, I am hurt -- deeply hurt -- that you would impugn my sterling character in such a fashion. The way I swallow 'em, kitties never get even slightly damp.