Upcoming Field Work Opportunities

span-o (the small press action network - ottawa) presents

a small press book fair teaser

Friday, June 17

readings by Jon Paul Fiorentino (Montreal),
Jonathan Kaplansky (Ottawa), Jo-Anne Elder (Fredericton)
& Joe Blades (Fredericton)

lovingly hosted by rob mclennan
7:30pm; mother tongue books, 1067 Bank St, Ottawa

next span-o event: the ottawa small press book fair, june 18th, noon to 5pm
at the jack purcell community centre, Ottawa

for more information span-o

And note: On Friday night, there's a band called "Paint" at Irene's and Cherry Suede is at the Earl of Sussex. And there are several nice balconies close to Mother Tongue.


Agatha said...

I have two questions:
1)Why hasn't the 5M been posting? Is she off frolicking with the anti-muse?
2)Do we need to develop any Ethics Committee guidelines around "fieldwork"?

4th Dwarf said...

1) I was about to ask the same question. But then I see her eyes are in bad shape. And it's all about M. Too bad for the lcp he doesn't have a car.

2) Fieldwork guidelines? Isn't the current system working for you? Where you approve field work and then tell us we did the wrong thing?

coyote said...

Hey, Agatha, welcome back from the World of Henry Orient.

Blind after laser eye surgery, and a shitty touch typist to boot. Ya'd think with all them limber fingers, she could do better than a mangey, fumble-pawed old coyote, but nooooo.

Dwarf. Do I smell a certain testiness, along with the usual, unusually clashing scents of deep earth and deep water?

Agatha said...

4th Dwarf, do we need to call you Grumpy today? Here is what I would like to suggest as a fieldwork guideline: that we do not attend events specifically with the aim of catching a glimpse of the 5M. However, if we are attending an event that seems interesting, an event we would want to attend anyway, and the 5M just happens to be there, that is perfectly acceptable. Now are you going to ARRR at me on this one?

4th Dwarf said...

That guideline works fine for me. But then I'm happy to buy my coffee at Second Cup.