Tipsy and raving

Our eyeless muse finds herself feeling not so well today, and grouses about M's lack of compassion. The dreaded second-day bounce, I'm afraid. You always feel better than you think you should, the first day after a painful event -- it's often on the second day that the bottom drops out. At least her touch typing has improved somewhat.

As for M, she knows that watering hole is dry. At least intellectually. Why does she continue to take her thirst there? The clue further down is that she's remarkably consistent about what she wants. And she still wants M.

Important question: Does she also want to complain for the rest of her life, or get on with it? It's a palpable choice.

And the lcp called her 'tipsy and raving' from Westfest. Hmmph. That could have been any time after noon.... I wonder what of his day's loony hi-jinks that poetic soul saw fit to mention when he called her?

Bah. I'm going to find a sandstone ledge with a shady chokecherry bush and a view, lie down and pant for awhile, and daydream of anything but m*ses & poets... perhaps lightning will strike something, or someone... It's a good day for it.


4th Dwarf said...

Coyote, I realize that with only your tongue to sweat through this heat wave is rough and makes you cranky.

But enough already. I'm more tired of complaints about 5M complaining than I am by her complaints.

I'm entertained by the permutations and variations on what she can complain about and the ways M can find to let her down.

And I'm especially pleased by the detail she threw in today about lying on her balcony in her bikini yesterday.

It's too bad the satellite view didn't pick it up.

The Chair said...

Must get a better resolution on the Satellite cam.

Though when I read the bikini reference, it seemed almost too deliberate.

4thDrawf as detected by the Pirate Cam.

Agatha said...

Are you suggesting that our half-blind, innocent 5M is posing a la Stevie Wonder meets Elle MacPherson? I suspect it was more along the lines of a tankini (the preferred costume de bain for the over-35 crowd), rather than a bikini... But perhaps better resolution on the satellite cams could clear that one up.