Losing the Bakeoff

As Coyote says, 5M's experience of hanging with M "Wells" (It's an ironic choice? Do you suppose his last name is "Desert"? "Dry"?) doesn't seem to match the "it's comfortable" description she gave to MintyFresh.

On the other hand for a reading experience, this latest is pretty good for a "back with M" posting. She's certainly hanging with a group you wouldn't want to be around while doing doggie drugs.


The Chair said...

So, if I got my logic straight:

- M's brother N is still in love with his ex
- R is still in love with his ex
- M is still in love with his ex (is that Trois Riviere chick?)
- Of course, the 5M appears to be in love (or at minimum, obsessed) with M
- And "S" appears to be the only grounded individual in the Carrot Cake foursome

Throw in some martinis and smoking jackets and you'd have the making of a good Noel Coward play.

coyote said...

Good breakdown, Chair. If each of the "Wells" Bros fell into something approximating love with each others' respective exes, you'd have a reasonable facsimile of Private Lives. With enough lousy carrot cake to spare treble helpingss all-round for the room service staff below stairs at the (undoubtedly posh) hotel where all transpires.

But I'm curious. On what evidence do we know that 5M is scratch-baked, and the Trois-Rivieres babe is store bought? Does she come wrapped in a blister pack, or something?

Agatha said...

And what's wrong with store-bought, anyway? Why slave over a hot stove when other people can do that for you?
I'm taking a little break from the mystery-writing here...

The Independent Observer said...

As a wise associate of mine once observed: "There are two kinds of people: those who bake cakes, and those who eat them." Enough said.

4th Dwarf said...

You know independent observer, I've met people who baked cakes and then ate them. Which would be a third kind of person, but that pedantic direction isn't really where I wanted to go.

Where I wanted to go was I used to have a friend who baked cakes and didn't eat them. Problem was, they were awful cakes. I finally started saying when invited for dinner, okay, but if you make dessert, I'll only eat it if you do. Figuring either I wouldn't have to eat the cake, or at least my friend would realize it was time to change the recipe.

Which brings me back to the 5M. Coyote, "what evidence"? What do you mean "what evidence"? She doesn't have to give us evidence, she is giving us her reality.

4th Dwarf said...

But while I'm defendin' the lass, I might as well continue.

M has told 5M that she is not the super model type that he thought he'd wind up with.

Apparently the Trois Riv Chick is. (Let's call her 3R).

But when M tries to experience 3R, there is no sustenance for him. It's a dry experience.

Meanwhile, 5M might be the physical equivalent to him of a "loose, floppy thing, skewed on angle, covered with a too-thin coat of cream cheese icing which appeared to have mostly melted off it (in the heat) and puddled around its edges", but if he'd just take a bite he'd get something moist and tasty in return.

Of course, that's apparently something M doesn't do. (At least according to posts from Oct. 2004)

coyote said...

Dwarf, you're beginning to sound somewhat smitten, here. Are you? Or is it just a thing for deformed carrot cake?

4th Dwarf said...

Arr, Coyote, do ye really want to get into matchin' broadsides over which of us has more of a passion fer distress'd carrot cake?