Being of a totemic, partly mythical persuasion myself, and moreover being of a partly mythical persuasion that is associated with shamanism (I can show ya those books I mentioned earlier) I believe very greatly in the power of dreams. They tap into ancient parts of us that share a collective soul, and that are (apparently) much wiser than our conscious selves.

So when a m*se of tragedy awakens with the word "disaster" on her sleepy lips, I'm thinkin' the eyes of her unconscious soul are, paradoxically, focussed much more clearly than her physical peepers.

And Dwarf, before you get off any cracks along the lines of 'Arrr, but that's why she's ta be gettin' laser surgery, ya dense doggie," you know what I mean, already.

She's been spending so much "comfortable" time with M, even after allegedly breaking up with him, that she automatically precludes any other serious relationship. I think of chances lost, for never having been allowed in the first place... this is disaster, and in her secret dreaming soul, she knows it.


4th Dwarf said...

Coyote, I'll not be matchin' broadsides with ye over the power of dreams and shamanistic meanings.

Although I do have an amusing tale of the results on dreams the night after being in a bar with a huge box of prophylactic devices in the head. (I was expecting a tavern called "The Lookout" to cater to riggers and topmen, but a different sort.)

Pocketed three of these devices. And then had dreams in which I was prepared for three separate adventures.

But back to 5M, while 'tis sad she'll be lacking her vision fer 3 days, 'twas nice to see her supporters rally round on the comments board.

As for this week's poll, I like this alternative option.

Agatha said...

It is very kind of her fellow bloggers to send their good wishes, although we know what Evildoer's "support" is really about. Coyote, I didn't know you were such a Jungian pup. Yes - this on-going co-dependency with M IS clearly a disaster-in-the-making. I still feel she should have spent a little more time with the lcp who, I believe, was teaching her about how to be in a healthy relationship. True, he stifled her creativity, but perhaps she could have given it a rest for a little while for the sake of personal growth.

The Independent Observer said...

Only the good die Jung. Let's have some fun with anagrams. For instance, if we rearrange the letters in the name of the authors of this metablog we get:


The moniker of the metablog's fixation:


And her latest love interest:


OK, frivolous interlude over.

coyote said...

Ah, Agatha... we were all Jung once, weren't we...?

And hey, Observer; despite Dame Ag's spirited defence of the lcp, I (and, I believe, you) have seen him in action enough times to suspect his motives are not all pure. Long as we're yappin' disaster, here, your crafty anagram strikes me as quite apt.