Finally making sense

Well. Today, she's finally making sense -- which is to say, I can agree with the approach she says she's taking... She's not jumping straight back into the relationship game. She's wary of that particular gambit. She wants to hang out and get to know people. She will take time to recover from M, and C before him.

Who knows what tomorrow brings? But right now, our muse's infuriating lack of self awareness about her relationships has been countered by a refreshing rationality. I don't get the sense (at least today) that the low-rent cyber-romeos lurking and sniffing about the place will succeed in making long term contact anytime soon.

She's been making herself unhappy for a year, trying to force-fit M into her ideal of a good relationship. He's tolerated it, within his stunted limits, but he hasn't exactly encouraged it, judging from our Ms's own testimony. Willing a relationship from one side may occasionally work, but in the main, it's a sure recipe for rump of skunk -- and madness. Does she realise that yet? We can only hope....


Agatha said...

Let's see if this new commonsense revolution is for real. I suspect she is just having a lucid moment after all that post-symposium napping she's been doing. And what is this "I don't want sex" business?
Since nothing is really happening in 5M world, I'd like to ask the Chair or 4th Dwarf to give us the mathematical formula of "creepy" dating. Who knows, we may need to draw on this later.

4th Dwarf said...

I should really leave this to the Chair as he has done extensive work on this. But I've been having a bad day with the black lung, and feel that since the delirium has cleared enough for me to join you here, I should at least try to contribute something: The Chair's formula for a man is

Creepy = Her age < (His Age)/2 + 7

In my case, I can date women who are older than 53. (46+7)

However, we were conjecturing recently that if one of the parties is a parent it would affect this formula. For example, if I had a 63-year-old daughter, I'd probably be limited to women older than her. Conversely, a 44-year-old woman with a couple of kids in university might be fair game for me.

Back to 5M and her new vow of celibacy. I think she should go for therapeutic massage appointments so that the fundamental need for physical touching gets met.

The Chair said...

You may also want to check out this

In the case of younger-man and older-woman, the following formula is a good guideline:

Creepy = (Her age X 0.75) + 3 > (His Age)

The Chair said...

Oops...try this

Agatha said...

Coyote, are you going to give us something to vote on this week?