OK - she's met someone with "poetry in his soul"...Coyote, I hope you haven't been violating any EC rules! As for her "embarassing" 2004 blog - she's so embarassed that she had to post it! - is there a way we can download this before she removes it? There is important historical information here that we need to capture.


coyote said...

Oooh, fresh stale material! It smells! Let's roll in it!

I find things interesting about this abandoned prototype: the additional history that predates the whole 'formal' relationship-with-M debacle; how little her life & attitudes have changed, in certain core ways; and how her literary voice seems to have developed despite this.

The accompanying voice that I hear whispering along aloud in my canine brain as I read her words seems a little finer now, less callow. Or maybe I'm just affected subconsciously by her older, uglier format. I'm very visual.

Her archived cast-of-characters list demonstrates how many people she's turfed out of her life in the past 12 months -- and one could argue that this shows much transition. Perhaps, on some level. But does it demonstrate real change, or an unwillingness to brook anything she doesn't like? Not dissimilar to the urge to delete disagreeable comments and abandoned prototypes.... although I note that she hands us the link, right beside her (eek!) alleged embarrassment. Can't decide if that's ego or honesty. It's rather cringeworthy, one way or the other.

Agatha, nice of you to say I have poetry in my soul. Thank you. But I, being aware of Heisenberg and Schroedinger, a coupla guys with teutonic sounding names and big reps in causality theory, have been adhering to the Ethics Committee's strict standards.

And hey, 4th Dwarf -- did you have any idea her father & brother were in mining, too? What're the chances? I think I hear Serendipity singing somewhere out there -- might make a good name for an honourary tenth M*se... (...I see your m*se, and double it!)

4th Dwarf said...

I hope for 5M's sake that she deletes the blog soon. Put your cursor over the "email me" link and see what address it goes to.

I did not know about the family connection to the mining business.

It's interesting that she edited those details out of the postings that she left in the "5M" archive.

I do hope it's not an actual poet that she's hooked up with. For them, poetry in the soul usually equals nothing in the wallet.

Conch Shell said...

I wonder if it's the lowercase poet?
Like the traffic cams. I used to post those on a different website I used to be involved with, and they got tons of traffic.
How about giving our new poll the same questioning as the old? So we can judge our group sentiment.