Friends again

Here we go 'round the mulberry bush, The mulberry bush, The mulberry bush. Here we go 'round the mulberry bush, So early in the morning.

That's my response to her letting birds go free analogy, and being great friends with M within a day. Yes, and no responses. I'd say that 5M has won readers, then lost them. And is now on the down side. Being compelling is hard. I think she should branch out and tell us the secret details of her friends lives. For instance, H got fat and boring after marrying her highschool sweetheart. More along that line.


4th Dwarf said...

Ah, CS, harsh but true.

Coyote may be an expert on breakup benders, but if there is anyone in the ESIs who knows about on-again/off-again it would be me. And 5M is clearly ready for another on-again with M.

On another note, I'm amused by the three things she's looking for in a partner. This short, stocky, 92-year-old with poor grooming habits would qualify on #1 and #3 (I don't tailgate and I love sex). But I'd be telling her what to do all the time. Oh, I'd try to be subtle, phrase it like a question, "have you considered..." or tell her a story about some change I made in my life (e.g. how I learned to like black coffee), but I'd be telling her what to do.

For instance:

1. Branch away from the bird metaphors

2.Get a therapist, try antidepressants

3. Remove all the precisely identifying things from the Blog and if you're going to continue putting all these personal details in, limit your readership to people you trust who are not involved in your life.

4.Go out with someone other than M just to make the Blog more interesting.

coyote said...

You called it yesterday, Conch Shell. Your forecasting ability is Number One, with a bullet. (I do not use this phrase lightly. We coyotes, as a rule, do our best to avoid bullets at all costs. They tend to sting.)

I wonder if that break up conversation this weekend was so 'civilised' that they neglected to actually break up? I wonder if M. really has somewone waiting in the wings, as she suspects? And, sexual dysfunction notwithstanding, I wonder if his newly-found good mood may have more to do with having achieved the breakup he's so obviously wanted for some time, without having to be the one who actually yelled 'uncle!' first?

I also wonder how long it'll take for her to decide to, uh, 'accidentally' fall back into bed with M. for old times' sake? Most of all, I wonder if she has a someone or two hidden in the wings, snorkeling stealthily up the back channel of her suspiciously commentless blog?

Agatha said...

I think that the 5M could aim for even a little higher than a non-tailgating, sex loving, non-directive partner. 4th Dwarf, I think she would be onto you with your "Have you considered..." approach. She needs someone who just lets her be herself in all of her delightful f*ck*pness. Of course, this should only happen after a long Ottawa winter of solitude, meditation and Kundalini yoga.
Coyote, I agree with you that M's friendly smiles are highly suspicious. I'm wondering if one or more f(l)akes have been depleting his mojo.

The Chair said...

Our angst ridden Ms. finally has some comments posted of late.

The usual suspects plus some new guy who appears to have set up his own blog just today. Maybe one for us to watch.

Has anyone found any comments in response to her posts that don't sound in the least bit patronizing, or for that matter, give her a bit of harsh medicine. We've been dishing it out since day one, yet her public commentators seem to ignore the obvious. One doesn't have to have a degree in psychology to figure her out.

Obviously, other motives at play, I suspect.

coyote said...

Suspect? Suspect? When a female coyote goes into heat, there're usually at least three or four males yowling around the doors to the den. The scent is a strong (Okay... biologically irresistible) advertisement to any lovesick suitor in the neighbourhood. Human snouts may be far less sensitive than most animals', but it don't take an effort to catch the drift of this cyber-aerosol. And the Ms has this convenient electron wind with which to fan it.

Agatha, I don't know if M's mojo is sapped by f(l)akes, or if he's just not that interested in 5M. I suppose he'd feel relief at being ditched, either way.