5M needs to take a trip

I agree with the Chair that the 5M needs to expand her yoga/BH/lavalife orbit. This is plagiarized from another blog (the innerbitch), but I think it is relevant here. I feel the 5M needs to get out of Ottawa for a while, go to London and check out some of these lads in the London Review of Books Personals. They might give her the kind of attention she needs and deserves: Go to site


coyote said...

Agatha, I laughed at those personals until I howled. You're right -- 5M could use someone with a literate brain and an exceedingly randy sense of humour. Rather than M, I mean.

Instead, she seems to lean a little too much toward the Virginia Woolf/Sylvia Plath school of dreary and dyspeptic introspection at the moment. We all know how that ends up.

I would say that her early-morning angst rises from knowing, on some level, that what she wants from M. ain't what she's gettin'. This is nobody's responsibility but hers. Instead, she wallows in the unsatisfactoriness of it all, half-heartedly pining and yearning for something better. This is self awareness? (c)Oy!(ote)

'Scuse me while I kiss the sky. Or chase my tail. Either, or both, seem more productive than watching depressive self pity caused by the end-of-semester blahs...

Conch Shell said...

Back to my earlier point. She does not love M. And M is clearly telling her that he does not love her. I think 5M should discuss with M that he needs depression meds, because the self-med of excessive running just isn't doing it for him.
And he tells the woman he's having sex with that he doesn't like sex, that he does it out of obligation. How charming and loveable.
Coyote, I like your interpretation that it's a maturity thing.
Agatha, I think 5M needs to stay in Ottawa and figure it out here. She runs too much as it is.
She should understand the pleasure of floating without resistance wherever the waves flow.

4th Dwarf said...

At least this "Bob" fellow has told her a good story to illustrate why she should dump the depressed guy. My mother has a good friend who had an awful life with this guy that has also only improved with his suicide. (Carbon Monoxide in the garage.) But really, you shouldn't have to wait until a guy kills himself to break up.

I'm with you CS, if the running ain't doing it, it's time for anti-depressants. But people can become awfully attached to the mental state they're in. It's part of their self-definition.

Speaking of this Bob, how lame is it that he doesn't know who she is? Not much of a stalker, is he?

Here's a good HTML tutorial.

The Chair said...

Yeah, that Bob isn't much of a sleuth (at least not admittedly)

Doing the 411 on Bob does suggest he is not unlike 5M: does yoga, seems to blog about new chicks he meets, and how he likes to write songs about his love-interests.

coyote said...

4D, 'stalker' sounds so harsh. How about 'shadower', 'tracker', 'follower', or The Chair's 'sleuth'?

Hmmm. A riffle through Roget's tells me that any of the ready synonyms sounds at least mildly foreboding. Can anybody suggest a more benign label for this?

That said, you're right. Whatever we call it, Bob is not very much good at it. Trying to spot her by her gait, of all things. There are so many more clues, and all of them are far more reliable than Bob's so-far-faulty intuition ...

Yet I can't help but notice that there are obvious trends in the types that 5M attracts. What does that say about us, as we hover in the unlit background, commenting on the twists of this tragicomedy like a Greek chorus? Or given our chosen medium, perhaps a Geek chorus.

4th Dwarf said...

Ooh, Coyote, down here in the mines, guys who say lines like that wind up with dead batteries in their headlamps and live rodents in their Wellingtons.

Agatha said...

OK, G(r)eek chorus friends. So, as participant/observers in this tragicomedy, what are we learning about the human condition here? 4th Dwarf- I suspect you will say 'nothing'. However, I know you are moved by the plight of our tragic heroine. (In fact, I think you secretly want to rescue her from M.)
After re-reading the 5M's post, I am feeling that M deserves a more sympathetic reading. I know that the sex "out of a sense of duty" thing makes him appear unfeeling and cold. (Poor thing, he's probably just lying there thinking about the queen...)Anyway, what I am liking about M is his directness, his candour. He responds openly to her questions. He tells the 5M that the relationship offers him "Well, joy, sometimes company." A pretty honest take on any human relationship, no? Perhaps he needs some anti-depressants. Perhaps he's 'just not that into her'. Perhaps he is just a lazy sod who somehow managed to end up with Sylvia Plath meets Emma Bovary.

4th Dwarf said...

Agatha, now that you mention it, the personal ads are full of women looking for "honest" men.

As for me wanting to rescue 5M, don't be silly. Where would you get the idea that I'd be motivated to rescue someone?