The Gentlemen? I'm sure I saw them somewhere

Chair, can we set up polls on this thing?

How many people think M is giving 5M exactly what she wants? I like his line about she's going to screw up and be blamed for it. I bet he's learned that if he said the opposite she'd argue with him and tell him in detail how she'll screw up.

Meanwhile, here's a fun site for tips on debating. Useful next time we have to endure a conversation with P'r of the undefined orientation.



The Chair said...

I'll look into the voting thing. It may be cool to have a meter set up on the site that gauges and updates the Irregulars' views regarding the 5M and her consorts -- something that shows the consensus view.

I like the debate tips. Next time I can tell P'r that his thesis about spirituality is too eurocentric.

Conch Shell said...

"I feel he's the only person who really understands me . . ."
"but we don't understand each other . . ."
And what's with good match socially, but not emotionally. This is becoming painful to witness. I guess that means they should just be distant party friends.
It's also quite lame that M is planning to do a MD after finishing a Phd. Down here we call that kind of thing Great White Shark envy.

Agatha said...

Yeah, CS - the 5M is boring me silly here, too. I thought that turning my attentions to
M - trying to see things from M's "honest" point of view - would help, but, sadly, it hasn't. Looking forward to our next EC meeting. Do we need to come up with a "vision statement" or some "guiding principles"? I feel that the 5Ms current rut is beginning to affect me and my own sense of purpose in life.
CS - you didn't mention to the group that you thought you saw a nice set of swampwater eyes last night. However, it was decided that the age wasn't a match, and there was no cat scratch.

4th Dwarf said...

Words of wisdom, CS, words of wisdom.

Agatha, you are an impressionable one. I am confident that we'll see some changes with 5M soon. The symposium last year made for a number of changes.

I'm off to whistling practice.

coyote said...

Hello, all. I'm late. I was distracted, chasing wind eddies in the tall grass.

Conch Shell, I saw a funny looking tumbleweed rolling across the far horizon this morning. I think I may have seen a painted stick enmeshed somewhere near the centre of it, but it was rolling very fast, at the very edge of my vision, ahead of the Chinook. So I am not sure...

Anyway, it was headed east. Make what you will of it.

I think 5M is wringing herself through these contortions of rationalization because at some sub/un/conscious level, she already knows 'the truth' she so publicly claims to seek, yet so desperately and obtusely avoids. At least about this relationship. She fights self-discovery tenaciously, doesn't she? She may be floundering in the dark before the light dawns.

Or she may just be floundering.

People don't like being alone. They equate it with being lonely, which is actually an entirely different thing... And there are many nights when even a coyote wants to curl up nose-to-tail with a den mate, for the friendly warmth, the familiar scent, and the reassuring sound of a steady breath when one startles half-awake in the uncertain hours. There are other times when a lone coyote stands a far better chance of good fortune, hunting, than a whole noisy pack.