A Condo for me on Prestion

Normally, I like a basement apartment. A condo with a terrace is not snug the way I like a place. But apparently they are building condos on Preston that will let me stare at almost three hundred thousand dollars. I love looking at money.

I might be so preoccupied with my staring that I never get the dishes done. But "boutique" means "small" right? So they'd still be snug.

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coyote said...

D'ya think almost $300,000 (say, in small, unmarked bills...) is enough that if you stare at it real hard, you might be able to avoid seeing the building itself?

Or do you think it's just a self-selecting test: if you don't blink at $300K for a ridiculously tiny, ummm, bijou boutique condo then you're their kinda mark...?