Animals in the News

There are two animal stories in the local news today that you may want to learn more about and Fourth Dwarf is here to give you the links.


The Ottawa Sun reports that Speedo Steve will ring in the New Year with icy plunges in both Pembroke and Ottawa. The Sun provides a photo of Steve in the traditional Canadian bathing suit of real beaver with a tail of moose hide. [Open this somewhat NSFW link to the Sun article with Chrome incognito to avoid the monthly limit.]

If you're thinking of joining Steve on a swim, the CBC has a list of tips for you.

Details on the Ottawa swim are on the Sears Great Canadian Chill Facebook page. (I don't see any links for buying a beaver swimsuit from Sears, I hope Steve doesn't get in trouble for shopping at another store, he might have bought it at Roots or the Bay.)

Saving a Pig

And the Ottawa Citizen reports on the heart-warming story of Peaches the pig and the young woman who is hoping to save her from slaughter and butchery.  [Open this perfectly SFW link to Citizen Article (SFW if it's okay for you to read about women saving food animals while you're at work) with Chrome incognito to avoid the monthly limit.]

Peaches is apparently going to the Big Sky Ranch. They have a page full of animals you can sponsor as permanent residents. Stay-Puff and Fergus, both emus, have found sponsors, but Oscar the sheep and Punkin the Shetland pony appear to be sponsor-free.  They also have a page of animals you can adopt, although it looks like the only animals currently available are dogs and pot-bellied pigs.

Peaches, of course, has her own Facebook page.

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coyote said...

In a sense, I'm a little unhappy that there were no coyote stories this season.

But given how most coyote stories inevitably seem to roll in today's media, that may be a blessing...