Hockey Racquets (Wirecrossed Consultant Edition)

A city consultant's public art solution to the question of how best to memorialize beloved kids' hockey stick doctor Jack Purcell. For just south of $50,000. Because apparently there were two Jack Purcells, and the one for whom the adjoining Elgin Street recreation centre is not named was a badminton champ. In Guelph.

I dunno. Maybe if you squint. . .

News story replete with retro-rationalisations, or, if you will, lame-o excuses, here.

It is unclear from any of the media coverage whether the unnamed consultant was ever imposed upon, or even offered, to knock a few bucks off the bill for, you know, dropping the ball. . . errr, bird. . . ummm, puck.

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4th Dwarf said...

The solution in obvious.

These were clearly not meant to be badminton racquets. They are giant shepherd's crooks.

So they should go to 100 Constellation Crescent, recently dubbed the Mary Pitt Centre after Mary Pitt, who was famous for something.

No need to check what she was famous for. We all know that Mary had a lamb that accompanied her everywhere. Why, it even followed her to school one day (which was against the rules).

No need for fact checking.