Elmaks Tributes

Coyote and I were out for a stroll this evening and we came across two curious items fixed to utility poles.

At a #14 stop on Gladstone there was "Free Music", a xylophone, ready for people to make music while they wait for the bus.

We wondered if it might be a tribute to Elmaks, that artist who added life to our streets and sadly left us a couple of years ago. Or just Ottawa's answer to the pianos that New York and other wealthy cities put out for pedestrians to play.

Then at O'Connor and Nepean, there was an actual swap box. The swap box was one of Elmaks signature items and to confirm that this was a tribute to him, the piece has "4Elmaks" written on the side.

I was tempted to take the crayons in the box, because I could use them for my portraits, but all I had to swap for it was my digital camera and I needed that to blog the swap box.

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coyote said...

I, too coveted those crayons. But I had nothing to trade, and us coyotes have always been kind of lousy at colouring between the lines, anyway...