So. Those increasingly loathed ads for 'Canada's' economic action plan...?

 The painful, unending ones that, increasingly, turn off Canadians?

 The ones that HarperCo™® is hoping you think of as political advertising for HarperCo™®? That urge us to share the HarperCo™® delusion, not particularly well supported empirically, that HarperCo™® is some kind of Great Economic Navigator?

 That PM HarperCo™® hisself has just said taxpayers need, and need to pay for, for four more years, 'cuz he has alleged that they create economic pride? That cost $100,000,000 clams -- and counting?

 Ummm.  Yeah, those ones.

 Coyote News has discovered that the reason that HarperCo™® is so stuck on running those damn ads into the ground - and possibly to the earth's core - no matter how much they piss off pretty much everybody else, is because they are Canada's  HarperCo™®'s Economic Action Plan. All of it.

 Thank you. We return you now to regular programming. You may notice an unusual number of  ads. Go figure.

1 comment:

M. Jack Rackham said...

Only one treatment required for each of them -- a C4 C'est Pause-a-Tory.