Pierre Poilievre's root causes

Last night, our handsomely large and sensitive coyote ears were, ummm, pinned back on our fuzzy scalps, as the twittering classes became loud hooting classes exploding at federal MP Pierre Poilievre's latest brayed sophistry, on one of CBC's political panels:

"The Root Cause of Terror is Terrorists!!"

They were not kind.  But then, the boy-MP does not invite kindness these days, if he ever did.  Possessed of a (possibly voice coached) foghorn bellow, hyperconfident condescension, an over greased Brylcreem coif, blind trust in PMO talking points of highly dubious intellectual rigor, a penchant for blue suits far too expensively sharp for his actual status, and John Baird's insufferable hair for a political mentor, PP is a rising young ReformaTory's ReformaTory.

But his inability to think for himself on his feet - and probably reclining as well - is not the strong point that us coyotes imagine he fondly imagines it is.

Last week, when CBC's panel host Hannah Thibedeau drilled into him for repeated, dogged inanity in a discussion that had far exceeded the capacity of  his one-line script to cope, he smugly told her that she couldn't ask him that question.  Because it wasn't in his prepared talking points.  He looked to believe - proudly - that this was an unbeatable trump card.

This week, defending  in another CBC TV panel the PM's long-distance snipe at Justin Trudeau, that "now is not the time to commit sociology on terrorists"  Poilievre woofed up the circular reasoning in question.

I admit that labelling it "reasoning" is a disservice to the lingo as she is normally spoke.  And by the same token, us coyotes think that now is probably not a time to commit economics, either, since both it and sociology like to call themselves sciences, when they're more akin to reading horoscopes and crystal balls through a spreadsheet darkly.  Stephen Harper, trained-but-never-practicing-economist, please take note.  I commit a digression.  Oopsy.

Now, where was I?  Oh, ummm, yeah.

So.  By the callow MP's own(?) logic(?), it must now stand that the root cause of pinheadedness is pinheads. Draw your own conclusions from there, blogosphere.  Us coyotes have finished hacking our contractually obligated 350 words into this ESI thingy.  It's time for our coffee break. Is it too early to spike it?

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Stephane Monpremier said...

I just have to say, that image is hilarious. Love it!