Seen slinking out of town last night

Mere days or so tardy of American Thanksgiving, all sortsa news types last night began averring that this country's F35 Lightning Joint Strike Fighter procurement process was done like dinner. The carved remains were already being forked over unto destruction or home made turkey soup, whichever comes first.

The Harpoon Government's (©®, and especially ™. . .) designated spokesthingy denied it. Well, he would, wouldn't he? But since this government has repeatedly been revealed as rather more than, ummm, strenuously economical with the truth on this line item and sundry others, some long-time parliamentary reporters hooted (Tweeted, actually. I digress.) at him with something bordering on open derision, ummm, all due respect. . .

Let the spin begin. I'm anticipatin' that it'll be fittingly supersonic.

Meanwhile, last night, as dusk descended, a large, droopy-feathered shadow could be heard either gobbling or wailing something very much like, "But I don't understand! I'm Fifth Generation!" as it slunk (stealthily...) down the road out of town.

And somewhere in the deeper shadows off to the side of the turkey track, another large droopy feathered shadow - this one with an aqualine nose - could be heard quietly sniffling something very much like, "My heart's a little banged up too. But don't worry, li'l fella! I'm as loyal to you as to my neighbour's dog. . ."

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