A word from our janitor...

To whom it may concern in Baghdad (Yes. That Baghdad.);

Thank you for your interest, especially in times when blogging, and blog reading figures, appear to have fallen a long way from the glory days, and look like they ain't done diving yet...

As desultory sometime custodian of this, the entropic debris of the Elgin Street Irregulars blog, I trust that you found all that you sought.

You know, after your whimsical early-morning entry of the search term "huge tits lingerie" felicitously directed you to these pages.

You follow a long line of similarly (presumably) avid researchers bent upon revealing the wonders of "Kim Basinger's ass", "sexy Thanksgiving", "sexy Christmas", "sexy Easter", "sexy Ramadan", "sexy Hanukkah", "Hooters girls", "big honkin' titties", "tight butts in short shorts", "thong T-straps", "businesswomen wearing rubber gloves", and "Rob Anders dating", as well as various medications, some possibly not counterfeit, claiming to alleviate troubling male afflictions among those not too prone to stroke, myocardial ischemia, and/or infarction.

Upon reflection, they all amount to the same thing, really. And I swear that I have no idea how Google's algorithms tagged us as good to go for any of 'em.

Ummm, okay, maybe I do. The Irregulars have on occasion delved into some fairly outré topics. Especially that Woodsy. She's a firecracker sometimes. But not the only one.

However our most popular search item of all time remains "picture of a life-size maze".

Who knew? I know I'm amazed...

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