Cons: "Quick, the F35 has to be good for *something*..."

The trouble with trumpeting yourself as the party of fair dealing and transparency in all things, is that when you don't deliver, you, ummm, end up with egg all over your collective Harper Government (™,®,but especially ©...) face.

This morning, the federal auditor told off the government of the day, in pretty scathing terms. Apparently, the procurement process for those F35 Joint Strike Fighters upon which they've been staking their hawkish reputations, despite any number of troubling, highly pertinent queries from people who might actually know something about these things, and coyotes who don't, smelled pretty much like rotten eggs.

The next spin cycle we hear from Harper Majority Government (™,®,but especially ©...) will likely have something, ummm, cleansing to say about it all being Somebody Else's Fault (™,®,but especially ©...)

But Canadians already seem to be coming to the opinion that the Cons really, really wanted to buy this turkey, and it laid an egg. Just in time for Easter. I digress... Imagine that. Trala.

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