Emergency Meeting Minutes: 2010-10-08

Venue: The Usual Spot

Present: The Chair, Conch Shell, Independent Observer (late with reasonable excuse) Coyote (late with no excuse)
Absent (with regrets, no excuse): 4th Dwarf, Woodsy
Absent (no regrets, reasonable excuse): Agatha
Guests: Harmony, Painted Stick

1. Oh, the irony

The Chair notes that this is the first ESI emergency meeting that both he and Conch Shell have attended in a long time and muses as to the coincidental absence of all of the other ESI members at this point. Given both the Chair and Conchie no longer corner the market on the whole “passive-aggressive” thing, the meeting moves on to other matters.

2. Whither the Usual Spot

Those ESI’s present and accounted for (ahem) note that the Usual Spot is less busy than usual and speculate whether the it has lost its hipness with the local denizens after more than a decade of holding top spot on the drag.

Harmony: It’s about time this place got bounced from its status. You can’t ride on your laurels forever. Much like certain blogs, ahem, this place is getting stale and dated.

Conch Shell: Where are the hipsters going, then?

Harmony: [redacted] seems to have the edge these days, though I think it smells like pee.

Chair: Has Coyote been marking other spots around town, again?

Discussion ensues about finding a new Usual Spot without much consensus.

3. Whither the [redacted]

Conch: Did you see where [redacted] is looking at wedding rings again?

Chair: I hope she knows what she’s doing? The last time didn’t turn out so well.

Harmony: Three-times the charm, I say.

Chair: Which means she has to go through all this for another full turn before she gets it right.

Conch: And she hasn’t even finished all the messiness with [redacted].

Debate ensues about whether one needs to race to the “three-times the charm” spot or does one pretend to make a go of it with all the interim relationships.

Chair: Some have managed to make it “two-times the charm”. Look at [redacted] and [redacted].

After a momentary pause followed by a chorus of laughter, it is agreed that we wish [redacted] all the best with [redacted] and move on to the next agenda item.

4. Whither the blog

Picking up on Harmony’s passing reference to “stale and dated”, discussion moves to the Ottawa blog scene.

Conch: I see Megan has decided to stop blogging.

Chair: I liked her analogy to breaking up. It’s so true. You have to know when to pull the plug. I also see that some anonymous commenter made a swipe at us along the same line.

Conch: Have blogs become passez in Ottawa?

Harmony: In Ottawa, more like passez-composer. Everyone tweets now. Even Zoom. If you can’t express it in 140 characters or less, it’s not worth saying.

Chair: Maybe CB radio will make a come-back. I think social networking needs to return to its roots. Plus it has a better lingo to work with.

Harmony: That’s a big 10-4.

Chair: Have you seen this blog? My question is, how come none of us are profiled in it? It claims to be a feature about strangers.

Harmony: Well, no one is stranger than you lot.

Conch: Someone should do an outreach. Maybe it’ll help re-brand us.

Chair: [in a CB drawl] The others may tell us to pull the hammer back on this one. May have to wait for the big 10-4 before we get to beat the bushes.

Chair breaks into the song “Convoy”, Conch Shell gets up and leaves. Shortly thereafter, the IO, Coyote, and Painted Stick join the group.

5. Whither the mayoralty race

Discussion ensues regarding the 20 fielded candidates to run the O-town’s city hall for next four years.

IO: Do we need adopt an ESI position?

Chair: I think Coyote has already. Or at least we know who he’s not likely endorsing.

Harmony: Me thinks Coyote doth protest too much.

Coyote: Doth you?

Harmony: Yeth

Chair: The bigger question to me is: who’s Coyote going to kick around come November? Things aren’t looking good for Lex Luthor.

IO: Jimmy Olsen better watch it. Coyote doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Coyote: I hang out with you lot.

Chair: We can only hope Andy Hayden makes a comeback.

IO: Duly noted.

Several motions get bantered back and forth on an official ESI position. In the end, we decide to defer any endorsements and order another round of drinks plus a shot of distemper for Coyote.

6. Other matters

The issue of PETA comes up in relation to Woodsy’s recent post. By unanimous vote, all ESI’s present support our intrepid photographer’s work and encourage her to continue to find similar subject matter for future blogging.

Having dispensed with the formalities, the meeting was adjourned.


coyote said...

I'm concerned that the dumbass dog is the one to notice the misspelled passé... twice.

That's fewer than 140 characters.

zoom said...

How can blogging be passé? You guys have blogged more in the past two weeks than you did in the previous two months.

As for your accusations of tweeting, yes, I do kind of tweet, but mostly in a bewildered and haphazard manner. Most of my tweets are just links to my blog posts. I still don't really get tweeting.

I do love your emergency minutes, btw. I think you should put together a complete collection, and publish them on Blurb. I'd buy it.

Kimusan said...

Point of Order: You're not on it because none of you have asked. You should. Ask, that is. We can define "stranger" subject to your collective preferences.

4th Dwarf said...

Kimusan, I think that's really a point of information, not a point of order.

But if I'd been at the meeting, I'd have pointed out that most of the Irregulars are pathologically guarded about their privacy, particularly the photogenic ones. Except maybe Woodsy, who is pretty and not so shy.

TWFKAH said...

i'd have to ad that spelling correct is also passé, so is grammer guys and punctuation. at least among young tweeters and texters so their, doggie.

Woodsy said...

4D, I am not shy, it's true, and I am also pretty pleased with your compliment.

To those "Present", more "hotties" pictures coming soon.