Emergency Meeting Lite* and Spontaneous

In Thrall, Warwick Goble

Attendance: C, W, CS and [redacted]

CS: Did [redacted]?

C: [redacted] rudimentary sense [redacted].

CS: Why [redacted]?

C: [redacted].

W: Too much [redacted].

C: I think we've gotten over the [redacted].

CS: Ya! [nothing redacted]

W, C, CS: laughter

C: Good to have them minutes done.

CS: Yes, let's eat!



4th Dwarf said...

Hmm, no notice that the meeting would take place and most of the content redacted?

Someone's going to be calling the Meetings Investigator. I'm not saying it's going to be me, but it'll be someone.

coyote said...

Tsk. I blame rogue elements. Darned rogue elements, anyway...

The Chair said...

Great. I see the PMO is now controlling the ESI meetings.

Where's that Hansard decoder ring of mine...?

Milan said...

Oh, I was going to make my own PMO redaction joke.