Google Poem: Unrequited?

* I would love to reconnect with my Grade 4 teacher, Mr. Brown.

* I would love to try Coze!

* I would love to get a look at that house!

* I would love to hear from him one way or the other.

* If you want just drop me a message I would love to talk.

* I would love to hear from you. ...

* Ohhh how I would love to travel more,

* I would love to take some writing classes, photography classes, and graphic design classes.

* I would love to be Jacinth, “Captain Jack” from Slave.

* i would love to be a part of your show because ilike mind games

* I would love to hear your domain ideas, so please feel free to share them in the comments below.

* I would love to see some of your finished 3D's

* I would love to know their future plans on phones and approximate release times.

* Sure, I would love to have a boyfriend who cares so much about me, but to always be there, always be so overprotective and so strict ? I would just move in with my father.

* Michelle Kwan is my idol and I would love to meet her some day. ...

* The main tips I would love to share with my fellow bloggers is that if you don't have a plan you plan to fail blogging takes time and energy have patience and learn the basic html and css this is very important if you are serious

* I would love to learn how to use my flash gun to it's full potential on location.

* I would love to go to New Zealand!

* I would love to stop snoring at night,

* I would love to have a dog.

* If I could I would love to be stuck on an island like the one from LOST

* I would love to be friends with you

* I would love to have prayer meetings on a regular basis.

* I would love to be very knowledgable about everything.

* I would love to test this theory, but I have to think

["I would love to"]


zoom said...

A little off-topic, but whatever happened to your "What's going on here anyway?" page?

Schmutzie said...

I couldn't find an e-mail address, so I'm letting you know here in the comments that this weblog has been nominated in the Group Weblog category of the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards:


4th Dwarf said...

Zoom, you'll find that question is answered in our "What's going on here anyway?" page.

Schmutzie, thank you for showing the usefulness of our no-official-email policy: more comments.

Milan said...

Does one of the ESIs have an unrequited love for Michelle Kwan?

4th Dwarf said...

Milan, yes. Except it's not unrequited.