Emergency Meeting Minutes: 2010-01-11

Venue: The Usual Spot
Present: 4th Dwarf, Coyote, Woodsy, Independent Observer, Conch Shell (late)

Absent: Chair (with regrets, no excuse), Aggie (with regrets, reasonable excuse)

No discussion of who will takes minutes. 4D just starts taking notes.

1. Dating Format

4D asks what date it is for his minutes. This sparks discussion of the date's noteworthy binary nature (example: 11/01/10) in some dating formats. This leads to a discussion of preferred formats for listing dates. 4D, Woodsy and Coyote all advocate for year-month-day format. IO says he prefers the standard Canadian day-month-year. It appears consensus is impossible until the others convince the IO they are not advocating the evil American month-day-year format and year-month-day is far more useful for sorting computer files.

Year-month-day is formally adopted as the Elgin Street Irregular's official format for dates.

Woodsy: Can we have a page listing the ESI's Official Positions?

4D: Yes

2. Ottawa Bloggers Workshop or Something

The people who did Blog Out Loud Ottawa in conjunction with the people who once in a while bring do the Ottawa Bloggers Breakfasts have put forward the idea of a having "something like a bloggy workshop".

W: One - I don't need a f-ing workshop. Two - will there be food and drink?

IO: More blogging, less workshopping.

C: Unless we're taking minutes.

4D: Should the ESI's host a session?

W: Commitment to blogging!

IO: That's like Tiger Woods hosting a workshop on fidelity.

W: Dating.

C: Which kind? Dating people or the kind we just talked about?

The ESIs brainstorm blogging areas of their expertise that other Ottawa bloggers know precious little about:

  • Blogger stalking
  • How to maintain your secret identity
  • How to reveal your secret identity
  • Fieldwork dos and don'ts
  • Proper use of a back channel
  • Conflict resolution
  • Pimp your blog
  • Proper use of Photoshop
  • Choosing the right tank top
  • How to run a contest
  • When to engage an ethics counselor

3. The Chair

The ESIs gossip about why the Chair is not present and has not attended the last four emergency meetings. Nobody present makes the bullwhip sound.

W: We're not bringing Aggie up.

4D: Why not?

W: I promised her I'd protect her.

All present agree that Aggie deserves our unconditional support. And with regard to the Chair, we agree that while he isn't posting, his cam choices are excellent.

4. Jo Stockton's Lock-out

Background: Jo Stockton's Blog Also a Talker has gone invitation only. No ESIs have received invitations. The ESIs share speculation that Ms Stockton may wish to be more frank about her work or personal life. Or perhaps her Man of Science has requested more privacy.

W: We'll have to remove her from our blog roll. Unless she invites us.

4D: I don't want to read an invite-only blog. It's like how you don't give people's private information to a cabinet minister. I don't want to be in a position where I might blurt out someone's secrets.

4D: There is still her vegan blog. What is it?

C: It ain't meat, babe.

W: That makes me think of that song.

4D: It ain't me, Babe?

W: No. You're No Vegetarian 'Cuz You Eat My Meat.

5. Retirement and Hiatuses

The ESI's acknowledge that several local bloggers have recently announced their retirements or going on a hiatus. Someone asks about Aggie and the Chair.

CS: Aggie's not on hiatus, she's just tardy.

C: Megan has been talking about not blogging.

CS: How is she?

The others say that she appears to be pretty good. In a relationship and not blogging about it. Which might not be good for entertaining us, but is something we can all support for Megan's sake.

CS: And how about 5M? She gives us one paragraph for a whole year and it's loaded!

6: Is Blogging in its Sunset phase?

The IO suggests that blogging is in a new phase where it is being supplanted by other services like Twitter and that blogging, like mainstream media, is segmenting in narrow topic niches.

4D: I don't think blogging is changing, I think what you are reading is changing. Because I'm scanning all the local blogs and the mommy bloggers are still reporting every shit and burp.

C: Are they twittering them as well?

Nobody has an answer because the ESIs don't tweet.

CS: Is there any drama out there?

4D: You've got various bloggers complaining about their bitchy sisters and rotten baby daddies, but the only blogger with real, readable drama is Salted Lithium. [Shout-out to Gabriel - you are an awesome dad! And wise to only show your boy Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back.]

7: Creating a Muse

Woodsy, Conch Shell, the IO and Coyote discuss a wacky idea that 4D just cannot get behind.

4D: There's no question that this group can take an idea and embellish it.

C: I'm not in, but go for it.

CS: We need Aggie.

IO: It could be fun.

8: Woodsy's New Contest

Woodsy shares her idea for a new contest. Everyone is supportive. Woodsy reveals she would still like to do "Tea with Woodsy" but has not had time.

9: News of the Day


CS: Whatever.
C: What about proroguing the blog?
IO: Maybe we need recalibration.
4D: Please. No. I couldn't bear it if the Revolutionary New Dating Paradigm died on the order paper.
C: And you'd have to start all over? No. We're not proroguing the blog.

Hartman's Piano:

4D: Let's protest the stores that never had a piano in the first place.

Mayor Larry:

CS: Will he run again?

4D: Jim Watson is going to announce he's running tomorrow morning.

W: I'll vote for anyone who brings water taxis to Ottawa.

The Coyote Hunt:

It is unanimous that we oppose all coyote hunts and this is adopted as an official position of the ESIs.

10: Pumping up the Content

CS: I have things to say about real estate.

4D: We get a whack of hits when we say anything about OC Transpo.

11: Why are people not playing with us?

C: Have we gotten boring?

IO: Is it something we said?


J. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J. said...

And now I've allowed access again, just in case anyone missed my god-bye post. Who knew this would cause such a ruckus?

Dave1949 said...

I assume that you already know, Sytem International, has adopted your dating system following the impeccable logic that we refer to virtually anything in a larger to smaller format. Dollars and cents
Feet and inches, Ponds and ounces and so they follow with
Year,month, day,hour,minute,second.
Now if the rest of the world would just approach life in such and orderly and intelligent manner we could probably stop global warming and eradicate poverty.

zoom said...

You guys have the best minutes; I could read them for hours. You bring up all kinds of things that have been eating away at me too, like the invitation-only blog and the coyote hunt and the possibility that blogging might be losing ground to tweeting. I think Gabriel should get an award too. Also, I think you should have more official positions.

4th Dwarf said...

Jo, I'm very sorry, I accidentally deleted the first comment you left:

Oh, my darling ESIs. You are not missing anything. I am no longer writing the blog. I just put it to private so I can start using my real name on my other blog without random people diving into my personal history. When I have the time to save all the entries, I'll just take it down permanently and then it won't even be there, causing confusion.

xoJo Stockton

Very glad you re-opened your blog. Disappointed that it was actually an ennui shut-down and not all sorts of drama behind the scenes. Not happy about your plan to remove the whole thing from the internet.

Dave1949, of course we are all up to date on SI standards. However, our inherent oppostional defiance forces us to determine our own standards rather than blindly following those imposed by intergovernmental authorities.

Speaking of interntional standards, shouldn't you be referred to as 1949Dave?

Zoom, we are always grateful for your support. Your position on the number of our official positions will likely carry a great deal of weight at our next meeting.

coyote said...

To the last anonymous commenter in the string we just offed: The ESIs currently have no official position on the, ummm, products of dubious efficacy that interest you. But we have a very proactive unofficial policy on the painfully lame spambots that preceded...

Dave1949 said...

No I'm much bigger than any single year.

RealGrouchy said...

YYYY-MM-DD dates are the only logical solution.

That way, you can sort your files chronologically. Observe:


Until 2013, anything but four-digit references for years should be punishable by death.

- RG>

Em said...

I'd love to play with you folks.

Woodsy said...

Em, you're welcome to play with us anytime - and you just did by commenting.

zoom said...

Shouldn't your official dating format be part of the RNDP?

Jen G said...

I think you guys need to pimp your blog, or maybe just redecorate? New colours!

Gabriel... said...

I am a TOTALLY awesome father. Thanks for shouting about me and my little blog.

On Friday we watched 'Stripes' and 'Bladerunner' (Director's Cut) as part of a Sean Young mini-marathon. We would have watched 'No Way Out' as well, but someone beat us to it. So maybe later we'll have a Kevin Costner thing with No Way Out and 'Bull Durham'... and maybe 'Dances With Wolves'.But after that there'll be no more mention of Mr. Costner.

Thanks again for finding my blog readable.