OC Transpo: Enough with the HO HO HO

Dear OC Transpo,

I am writing today to ask your drivers to go back to using the "Hors Service" display when they are driving an out-of-service bus.

When it is -19 and I have been waiting 15 minutes for a 14 Carlington and I finally see a bus coming, but it does not say "14 Carlington" on the front but instead says "HO HO HO - Merry Christmas", I am not filled with the gladness of the season. Instead I am filled with an emotion that leads me to say "Merry f-ing Christmas, to you too, OC Transpo."

Fourth Dwarf

p.s. As an alternative to "Hors Service", I am also fine with "Ottawa Senators" because I don't much care for them anyway.


Just of Ottawa Home Renovations said...

hohoho - uh, I mean hahaha - I can see how that can get really annoying. In the spirit of Christmas you think they could at least pick you up anyway ;-)

Wandering Coyote said...

Been there, done that, way too many times. I hear your frustration, man. I always hated the 14.