My Vision for the New Lansdowne

I am excited by the mayor's recent invitation for redesigns of Lansdowne Park. The main submission requirements are unorthodox. (To avoid wasting tax dollars?)

"Anyone can draw a pretty picture on a piece of toilet paper and submit it."

As always, I'm up to a challenge.

I'm afraid the definition of "pretty" will have to be stretched for my design to be accepted, but I did manage to put it on toilet paper and only ripped the paper twice. Unfortunately, because the square is so small and the ink is so wide, I could only fit in 3 of the features that are in my vision for the New Lansdowne Park.

It's really not that easy to draw a pretty picture on a piece of toilet paper.


coyote said...

I vote we name the water slide The Tile Comet...

Lansdowne Centrum said...

Thank you Dwarf No. 4 for your submission to the Mayor's Toilet Design competition. Unfortunately you did not read the submission guidelines. A campaign contribution to a member of council is required for us to consider your design. As it stands the Lansdowne Centrum design is the only design that came accompanied by a cheque.