Llama dramarama, part two

Cedric and I have spent a couple of days talking about llamas and alpacas. It is the first step in my plan to help the little gnome get over his fear of the four-legged Andean creatures.

Today we made a major breakthrough: Cedric was able to look at a photo of a llama without shivering violently, falling over or vomiting.

It helps that the tiny man loves to sing: Alpaca-p my troubles in my old kit bag ... (whistling follows).

Cedric thinks he is so clever.


Bandobras said...

what caused this fear of llamas?
The ones I know just chant, meditate and make sand mandalas.

The Independent Observer said...

B'o'bs: Through dream recovery therapy we determined Cedric was bitten by a llama during a bank robbery in Quito in 1879. It was hardly the llama's fault. The scene was utter pandemonium.

Aggie said...

I'm glad that Cedric is working through his issues. He is really a model for all of us.

Woodsy said...

Maybe a date with one of my little llama wool dolls would be good therapy?

Anonymous said...

I hear the llama has very bad breath and a nasty habit of spitting. Sounds like a lot of my patients