Recessionomony 101

According the latest stats, it's not only a recession we are facing, it's a he-cession. More men are losing jobs in this downturn than women. To clarify public policy for headline writers, I'll throw the following taxonomy into the fold:

We-cession: your work section gets the boot but the rest of your company keeps going; or, what your 4 year-old calls the recession

Me-cession: you get laid off but everyone else at your office gets promoted

Pre-cession: period before the recession; some called it the economic boom but now we know the glass was half-empty

Free-cession: the economy is so bad you can't even afford stuff they give away for nothing

Pee-cession: people don't even have a pot to piss in

G-session: men can't find jobs nor can they find their partners g-spot --- bad, very bad

e-session: the downturn has reduced bloggers' output to the point where they employ cheap tactics to solicit comments on otherwise pointless blog entries


The Independent Observer said...

Almost forgot The Trinity Session, a Cowboy Junkies record.

4th Dwarf said...

The Cowboy Junkies - depression on a disc!

Woodsy said...

Yes, but their Caution Horses CD is great "jilted woman" music!