A Less Lofty View on Coping with the Economic Downturn

Much as I admire those of you employed who are out there selflessly spending your money to stimulate the economy during this downturn, remember, your situation could change. So keep in mind what's best for you in both the near and the long term.

  1. Borrow all the money they will let you. Then, get a no-fee credit that is offering a 1% interest rate on balance transfers a transfer all your debt to the 1% account. Get another card that you can transfer this balance to when the special ends. Repeat the cycle until the mess is all over.
  2. Spend on stuff that's cheap in a downturn:
    1. Housing,
    2. Renovation contractors (remember when those guys wouldn't even return your calls? Ha!),
    3. Are you a collector? A musician? Rare treasures will be showing up in the pawn and consignment shops,
    4. Original art (this is a good time to get your portrait done in oils or pop bottle tops);
    5. Promoting yourself, and
    6. Fancy pets.
  3. Since you're working really hard so they don't fire you, hire people to do all the things you don't have time for like cooking your meals, mending and washing your clothes, cleaning your house (or houses) and walking your pets.
  4. Actually lost your job? Stay in Canada and
    1. Have a baby,
    2. Go to school,
    3. Write a book,
    4. Plant trees, and
    5. Take your blog pro.

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