Change we really could believe in

Took a Tuesday evening stroll to Parliament Hill to see how preparations for arrival of the world's Political Elvis are shaping up. I snapped a few photos and was later amazed to discover the tiny speck hovering next to the Peace Tower was a strange-shaped craft!

Yes, Ottawa is being buzzed by UFOs... well, at least one flying saucer, on the eve of Barack Obama's visit. What can it mean? Are the aliens curious about this charismatic new leader, getting ready to follow Obama's every move during his first international whistlestop?

Or are they taking pity on Canadians, deciding to spare us grave embarrassment during Obama's stay by pre-emptively whisking our less-than-interstellar political leaders back to their home planets?


Woodsy said...

Tag Line, just one look at those guys and I believe in ETs with bad intentions for us Canadians.

Kevin Wicks said...

I think you are right the UFO was here to pick up the politicians that have been on loan to us all these years. The only problem is we now have to have another election to choose real people.