Dream Interpretation Request

I dreamed that I was Steve McQueen and that I was boffing Marilyn Monroe. What the hell does that mean?


coyote said...

For starts, I think it means that you need to give us all much more detail...

4th Dwarf said...

Yes, to interpret this dream, we need more detail.

1) Were either of you smoking a cigar?

2) Were you in a canoe?

3) Were Siskel and Ebert watching?

The Independent Observer said...

Was Audrey Hepburn in the next room? Was Moon River softly playing in the background?

From videomatica.ca:

"When Paramount Pictures originally bought the rights to adapt Truman Capote's novel Breakfast at Tiffany's for the cinema, the plan was to have Steve McQueen and Marilyn Monroe in front of the camera with John Frankenheimer directing. However, McQueen was under contract for TV, Monroe felt that playing a call girl would be a bad career move, and Frankenheimer was sacked when new star Audrey Hepburn reportedly told producers that she'd prefer not to work for someone she'd never heard of. So Blake Edwards stepped in, George Peppard snagged the male lead, and the rest is history."

Aggie said...

Were you well-endowed?

raino said...

it means that you are dead sexy and you have good taste in women

Woodsy said...

Coyote, explicit details will cost you a coffee and a ginger cookie or two.

Fourth Dwarf,
1)No, but we were smokin'.
2)No, we were in your bed.
3)No, but I was watching myself in action.

IO, I did not know all that. Maybe I was channeling what could have turned into an affair between them... Did you know that I have never seen that movie?

Aggie, oui et bandé comme un ado!

Raino, you're right - that must be what it means!

4th Dwarf said...


Steve McQ and Marilyn Monroe; no cigars, no canoe, no movie reviewers.

But it happened in a highly romantic spot and you were banded like a teenager.

I think it means you've bought enough tank tops.

Maybe you need a toque or some mittens.

coyote said...

Coffee 'n ginger cookies, huh?

Even in today's economic conditions, I believe the potential return on this investment looks, ummm, spectacular...

Anonymous said...

According to the following story, there is a Steve McQueen biopic in the works; perhaps this dream is a cue to audition.

Woodsy said...

Anonymous, for the Steve McQueen part?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Woodsy. He reputedly boffed many an aspiring actress in his salad days, many while he was actually awake.