12 Google Resolutions for 2009

Last year I resolved to be more creative and stop relying on Google for my artistic inspiration. That didn't work out; so this year I went to Google for a dozen fresh resolutions.

In 2009:

  1. I won’t be 100 percent wrong
  2. I won’t be out there to lie down for him
  3. I won't spend all my R&D on a meaningless pet project that fails to appeal to anybody when I could have been making videogames the whole time
  4. I won’t create more waste
  5. I won't be signing up for this challenge again
  6. I won’t buy yarn except on days that begin with S
  7. I won’t be as involved with Parkville WILDFIRE as I have been previously
  8. I won’t have a 360-degree role anymore
  9. I won’t promote my articles bar Tweeting them once
  10. I won't be voting for him no matter whom he's running against
  11. I won't watch GH anymore
  12. I won't be surprised

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