RNDP 12a: More Romantic Gestures that Score with Audrey

It looks like Audrey's beau is raising the bar ever higher for the rest of us fellows. She wrote this weekend to say:

My boyfriend and I met up with some of my friends for dinner at a trendy restaurant in Toronto on Saturday night. When I introduced my beau to one friend, I said, “and this is my boyfriend {Redacted} – I’m madly in love with him!” My friend was startled and said, “How wonderful that you can say that out loud and he doesn’t mind!” I looked over at my beau and he nodded and smiled.

My boyfriend really is the most romantic man I’ve ever met.

Audrey’s top-ten list of romantic gestures – continued

  1. Show up at her home in time to kiss her and then walk her to work.
  2. Clean out a drawer in your bedroom for her clothes.
  3. Stock the bathroom at your home with her favourite toiletries.
  4. Take her to see live theatre. (My sweetie took me to see Cirque du Soleil.)
  5. Eat a huge piece of her cheesecake.
  6. Celebrate her birthday for a week!
  7. Go to her family reunion with her and pose happily for photos with her.
  8. Go on a romantic vacation with her.
  9. Send her romantic e-mails.
  10. Tell her she was made for you.

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Harmony said...

All I can say Audrey, is congratulations! We all need lovahs who like being adored out loud, in public and all. What fun!