Tong Thursday

Here is a summary of my day:
1) Getting pissed off at a know-it-all who knows f-all (KIAWKFA).
2) Obsessing about how annoying KIAWKFA is.
3) Trying to prove that KIAWKFA is "misinformed" by doing a literature search of the latest research...
4) Finding the evidence I need to prove KIAWKFA wrong.
4) Debating whether or not I should present the KIAWKFA with my evidence that he indeed knows f-all.
5) Deciding to go to a yoga class instead.
6) Going to yoga.
7) Practising with my alternative concept-artist band.
8) Eating really good chili prepared by Manny Blue.
9) Watching the French debates.

Conclusion: yoga, chili and concept art is the way to go. Here is my concept artist hero at the moment - Michael Swaine. For inspiration, watch him in a video here.


Manny Blue said...

It was my pleasure Aggie - it is the dash of a special ingredient that I add to my chili that makes it so yummy.

By the way, hot looking tongs!

Pandora said...

Here is the KIAWKFA's report on his/her day:
1. Piss off Aggie
2. Leave office door ajar to enjoy watching her scowl, stomp down the corridors and frantically search the literature databases to attempt to refute my untenable position.
3. Watch in disappointment as she leaves with a serene smile on her face for her 'yoga class'.
4. Wonder when I'll be getting the pick slip...