The importance of being (fashionably) earnest

Audrey, ESI Cultural Affairs Officer, is nothing if not a trendspotter. And what better place to detect the latest fashionista wave than Italia?

It appears Sarah Palin may be on to something. Audrey has noticed the look di giorno among the women of Firenze is "austere serious." Simple. Understated. Muted. Dark colours. Perhaps with hair pulled back.

In short, nothing too flashy. Kind of like the Alaskan governess. As the Washington Post's Robin Givhan recently noted about Palin, "Her clothes are unpretentious, but they are also unremarkable. ... Everyone knows someone who dresses like her, which is partly why so many folks seem to think that they know her."

Image: Near the Mercato Centrale, Firenze, 01/10/08


coyote said...

Ummm, what about la Palin's ever-growing beehive hair? Is that understated? Or is she trying to overshadow the utter lack of lofty interior mental processes with something externally towering?

Just askin'....

Manny Blue said...

So, in other words, frumpy is in?

Audrey said...

Oh, I hope this frumpy look does not come to North America, Manny Blue.

The new "austere serious" (Fall 2008) look is making it very difficult to buy clothes here in Italy. I had been looking for ribbons, bows, velvet, flounces and lace. Following the new trend, on Sunday I purchased a simple black dress that is '60s-style. Another trend is patent leather. This afternoon I purchased a large patent leather purse. (You must always ask for the "special price". My purse was originally 185 euros plus tax and the final price was 100 euros including the tax!)

Manny Blue said...

Audrey, you look swell in anything - as we say in French, "un rien te va"!