Emergency Meeting Minutes: 2008-09-07

Venue: The Usual Spot

Present: 4th Dwarf, Conch Shell, Chair, Coyote, Independent Observer, Woodsy
Guests: Harmony, Painted Stick

Breezed in with no excuse: Agatha, Shaggy Waiter

1. Woodsy Reports on the Blogger's Brunch
Woodsy has kind words for all of the bloggers she met. "A bit anti-climactic" someone suggests. [Perhaps it would have been more exciting if we had sent the Dwarf.]

2. How can we support Coyote in his efforts to keep the blog alive?
It is mentioned that since the agenda went out, both the Chair and the IO have posted. [Expressions of surprise from those who can't keep up.]

IO: I think we should go back to the schedule where everyone has a day on which they post.

4D: I'm on board with that.

IO: But only post per day.

4D: But I've got a lot of RNDP postings to go through and this would mean only one per week.

IO: You could do two a week.

4D: But there are 7 ESIs and 7 days in a week.

IO: Oh.... right.

After some discussion, it is agreed that a blogger may post as many items as they like on their day and breaking news may be posted as it is breaking, so that the Chair is not restricted from updating his insightful election coverage.

People begin choosing days as Aggie arrives. We stop to update Aggie on the new plan. Aggie has a momentary seizure but collects herself in time to prevent collapsing to the floor. [Note for a future emergency meeting agenda: How can we better accommodate of Aggie's ODD issues with rigid plans?]

Posts are expected by 9am

Sun: The Chair
Mon: 4th Dwarf
Tue: Aggie
Wed: Independent Observer
Thu: Woodsy
Fri: Coyote
Sat: Conch Shell

[p.s. A shout out to Megan from the ESIs and the IO especially, who says he did see you around the time of the Bluesfest, but didn't realize it until you'd passed each other and you were with someone and he thought it would be awkward at that point.]


Asteroidea Press said...

Aw, thanks!

XUP said...

What do you mean by “anticlimactic”? Were there expecations of some sort of climaxing?

Woodsy said...

Well, for starters, no one flirted with me... sigh... sob... not even XUP!!!