My New Blog Crush: Kady O'Malley

Sorry, Tiana, you're looking better than ever, but I have a new blogging crush. Kady O'Malley at Inside the Queensway has been blogging Parliament Hill for Macleans Magazine since last July. In the fall she began live-blogging committee meetings with her Blackberry.

I've been enjoying her postings, skimming through some of the longer blow-by-blow accounts, but enjoying her enthusiasm and amused view of proceedings.

But then a couple of weeks ago, she started doing video commentary with her phone-cam and uploading them to Youtube and I was moved to infatuation. How blown was my infatuation? Full.

Here she is in the Driveway of Power:

Another classic is "There's no good reason why this meeting is in camera."

[p.s. Have you noticed that "mainstream media" bloggers have awful blogs from the standpoint of sidebar content? No profile links, no "top posts", no linkrolls, no tag clouds, no photo albums?]

[p.p.s. If our anonymous CBC commenter the other day was Hallie Cotnam, I just want to say "sorry, I've moved on" to you also.]

[p.p.p.s. To the young lady I have plans with for Friday night, don't worry, we're still on. ]


Tiana said...

I had no idea you had a crush on me... but I fully support the move. She's hella cute.

Aggie said...

She is delightful. She's like an adorably cute, hyperactive puppy. One of my favourites is "And by interesting, I mean hideously boring".

Anonymous said...

She has saved me so much time in following committee proceedings or having to listen to David Tilson do his best Grampa Simpson impression. I wonder if she'd be willing to attend and report on hearings specifically for my work...

4th Dwarf said...

Anonymous, I don't know. Ms. O'Malley seems to cherish her ability to make last-minute choices about what she covers.

On the other hand, maybe she would take commissions but doesn't want to deal with the business end of things. If that's the case, she might be looking for a manager.

Aggie, hyperactive indeed. I suspect that the liveblogging helps prevent her from yelling at the MPs during these committee meetings.

Tiana, no idea? really? You're not trying to win me back, are you?

Tiana said...

Well it's not like you wrote me any sonnets or gave me a snow cone you know... (obviously sure signs of a crush) Although I didn't think you hated me.

Another sure sign would have been if you kicked me in the shin and ran away.