A brief celebratory interlude

This week has been afflicted marked with a number of small, intimate celebrations of an unspecified annual observance for an unspecified member of the Elgin Street Irregulars. Let me put this into perspective by stating that when you've been running around sticking your semimythical nose into things for the number of millenia that I have, multiplying all of the person-years by seven to arrive at a rough canine equivalent doesn't bear thinking about. So we won't.

But it would be remiss of me not to thank all who joined me to balm the abrasions and toast the small victories of another year. A big howl-out to the IO, Audrey, Aggie, 4th Dwarf, Pandora, the Chair, Conch Shell, Harmony, Painted Stick and Zoom. And especially to Woodsy the wood elf, who, when I said I'd like nothing better than a chocolate-point Siamese cat, got it mostly right. It seems to be very similar to white chocolate, and it does look sorta like a cat. One with very oddly fixed pink-and-purple eyes. And may I say, it's soooo beeeyootiful!!!! Ahem. Thank you. As you were.


Woodsy said...

"What great big teeth you have..."

zoom said...

I like to nibble the ears first.