Word Cop: have need of or desire for?

Or, did you mean WONT?

*I looked him up on the internets as I am want to do, and found out he was later in a well respected hardcore band and was even a Versace model at one point.

*After driving Dave nuts for a few weeks he created my blog then as I am want to do, I did nothing with it for another few weeks.

*I was sitting at work, muttering to myself as I am want to do, nibbling on a pistachio nut and avoiding the interminable data entry part of my job

*I'm still combining poorly, but I am taking it slow, so as not to become militant, as I am want to do with eating choices, making it difficult to stick with it.

*She was so personable and kept talking to me about all sorts of things, her piercings and experiences, and I kept babbling as I am want to do in these kinds of situations, and after a few minutes I felt completely at ease – as if it was normal for me to be lying half-naked on a table with a woman cleaning my inner labia.

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