A night at the opera

In our mutual quest to understand and appreciate all things Italian, Audrey and I joined friends this week at Opera Lyra's inspiring performance of Don Giovanni.

Here is Audrey's list of the top five reasons to go to the opera:

1. Beautiful, well-dressed men in the audience.
2. Beautiful, well-dressed men onstage.
3. The performers sing in Italian but it is almost impossible to distinguish the words. Therefore, practise your French instead by reading the English surtitles and then the French ones.
4. Make notes for future play "Springsteen: the Rock Opera".
5. Be one of the local glitterati for an evening!


Harmony said...

Glitterati? Beautiful men on stage? Rock opera? Did someone say "Burlesque?" Hmmm?

coyote said...

Tawdry burlesque, ma'am...

I think we may agree on the opera thing. If anything's a-gonna be a-howlin' in a soprano range, it's a-gonna be me, not some fat lady...