Guest Posting from Zoom

After some angst and developing stress symptoms, Our first Meta Contest Winner Zoom writes:

Dear ESIs,

I am pleased to submit my guest post to you, and I thank you for your patience. It helped that Aggie pointed out it could be short.

My post consists of a single link: Click here

I trust this satisfies my contractual obligations to the ESIs.

I wish you all the best with your future contests, which I will watch from a safe distance.




coyote said...

A meta-meta-meta post! Pure effin' genius! I prostrate myself before you! Of course I was lolling already, but still...

Aggie said...

We are not worthy! We are not worthy!

zoom said...

Coyote and Aggie - you're both too kind.

I was so excited when I woke up this morning and saw we had a bid!