WebSlavery Vacation

You've heard of working vacations? Busman's Holidays? I would give anything to be on one of those. Instead I have landed in web slavery.

It all started innocently with a trip to the coast to visit my pirate relatives and an old mining friend. The mining friend, we'll call him "John" has a young daughter, "Juniper", with many interests. Last night, just after I found out about the size of Megan B's feminine attributes, John logged me into his daughter's Webkinz account and started me playing Quzzy's Word Challenge.

Three hours later, I had made it to level 6 and had earned 272 webkinz dollars for Juniper. I spent 3 of those on mushrooms to feed her "pets" and 42 dollars on a pair of brown corduroys for her pink poodle.

That was bad enough, but this morning, Juniper set me to tending her crops. I'll tell you, I wish I was back in the salt mine.

Links: Wipipedia on game farmers; 1 Up on game slaves

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Harmony said...

Oh, this is NOTHING. Try out ClubPenguin, and see how hard you'll work there!