Why I won't be driving for a while...

Crying 'Go Sens Go' won't deter police

The Ottawa Citizen,

Wednesday, May 30, 2007
The Ottawa Senators may be in the Stanley Cup finals, but the OPP Ottawa detachment is telling Senators fans that yelling, "Go Sens Go" will not get them out of traffic violations. The OPP said motorists will not be able to sweet-talk their way out of a ticket using the popular slogan, despite reports to the contrary. [link]


coyote said...

Doesn't seem to be helping the team any, either.

So what about the Research Director's suggestion for naming the bridge? Any takers now...?

Harmony said...

Perhaps our Mad Mayor could try pleading "Go Sens Go," to try and get out of the little problem that's following him around? wonder what his cell-mates will think of the Mickey Mouse ears?

4th Dwarf said...

"I fell asleep on my boat in July drinking a beer and when I woke up I was the mayor of Ottawa."

The last time I fell asleep on a boat while drinking a beer, I woke up floating with wreckage in the middle of the ocean.

It put me off beer for a few days.