The Great Pretender

Hey everyone. Let’s go clubbing! Seal clubbing, that is. As most Canadians don’t know, this marks the start of the annual seal cull. Europeans seem to be more aware of this Canadian tradition than us. If you didn’t catch it, former Pretenders uber-babe Chrissie Hynde waded into the protest with an online piece in the Globe and Mail.

I loved the Pretenders. And Chrissie Hynde was the best thing in tight leather pants in 1980’s. My grand-father clubbed seals to make a living and provide for his family in an isolated out-port on the east coast. But my grandpa was also a sucker for a pretty face from what I remember. Too bad he isn’t around to see the latest celebrity to come to the rescue.

If Ms. Hynde had been around in his heyday and showed up in those tight pants and asked him to stop clubbing those cute little harp seals, he probably would’ve obliged. That’s just the way grandpa was when it came to requests from certain hotties.

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