Begging for Metablogging

I've been trying not to metablog both Jo Stockton and Asteroidea, but with Jo Stockton's announcement that she is moving into the apartment next to Asteroidea's, [the announcement], I've just got to ask, is this where they jump the shark? or will it become a whole new level for us to appreciate?

Jo has compared it to Mary Tyler Moore, but that analogy fails because the show started with them being in the same building, and when Rhoda was well enough established, Rhoda moved away to her own show.

This is more like Mary Tyler Moore moving in to an apartment building with Lucille Ball or Carol Burnett. (If Lucille Ball or Carol Burnett were people who told you about their first orgasms.)

Also, Mary Tyler Moore didn't have bats.


Jo Stockton said...


First of all, one never likes to read that one might be close to any kind of shark-jumping. I like to think both my and asteroidea's sparkling wit and impeccable manners will continue without lapse into the future indefinitely.

Secondly, I checked, and the first MTM episode (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0642847/) features Mary moving into her apartment.

Thirdly, you're mixing everything up in the who's who dept. If I'm moving in, that means that I'm Mary. And apparently, my apartment doesn't have any bats.

Have faith, dwarfy man, we will continue to blog with as much charisma and charm as always, regardless of our domestic proximity.

-Ms. Stockton

4th Dwarf said...

My dear, Ms Stockton,

Some of us don't have to read imdb to know the plot of the first MTM episode. We watched it and remember it clearly.

And the reason we watched that first episode was that Mary Tyler Moore had been our darling on Dick Van Dyke.

Rhoda was a nobody.

In your equations:

Jo S = MTM
Megan = Rhoda

But since Megan > Nobody, Megan cannot = Rhoda.

(I think you're a long way from jumping the shark; I put the idea out there to encourage comment, especially from the Chair, who fancies himself an expert on shark jumping, but it appears he was too traumatized by things he saw this weekend to be able to blog.)

Jo Stockton said...

Rhoda? Nobody? I loooooved Rhoda! She was so sassy and smart assed. And her own show was not without merit. I don't think you're giving Rhoda enough credit, Dwarfy.


Asteroidea Press said...

I dunno Jo. I think the back parking lot is big enough for a pool and some sharks. What say you?

Maybe we can feed them bats to get them particularly wound up.

Asteroidea Press said...

Also, an impassioned plea: please don't metablog me! Half the reason I'm able to post the stuff I do is if I manage to believe for a moment that no one will read it.

If I can't suspend my disbelief for the moment it takes to hit send - like, say, if I knew it were going to be metablogged PDQ- I'm not sure how deep into the nitty gritty I would go.

And I would miss the really personal blogging. And the occasional tip of the hat I get from other bloggers, which I do love.

I would hate to deprive you all of my orgasm stories.

4th Dwarf said...

Oh, you youngsters, you don't remember a time when nobody knew who Valerie Harper was. But there was such a time.

And you've shown the problem with non-stealth metablogging:
(a) Bloggers who can't accept the cogent observations of metabloggers and argue with them on the metablog; and
(b) Pleas to not metablog accompanied by threats to cease writing the very material that we thrive on.

What is a rogue metablogger to do?
It didn't come up at tonight's emergency meeting, but I'm probably already facing censure for this posting.

I would have instead publogged a charming new music venue, but another person who shall remain nameless(he has a reputation as competent curling skip) said he would be writing such a publog.

I hear there's a new blog by a woman in Ottawa with mental illness. Maybe I can metablog her.

Aggie said...

Megan: we would never risk losing the orgasm stories! Your material is too rich to metablog. You render us speechless. In the Emergency meeting (minutes will come later), it was suggested that we explore "sex" as a theme. I suspect it would be a very cerebral and cautious exploration of the subject. You might have fun metablogging us!

coyote said...

And I just can't wait for the Short Guy to enter a cerebral and cautious exploration of his orgasms... with a shark.

e.s.pig said...

JoS and Asteroidea in a bathing suits, leather jackets and life preservers! I am glad I live so close to Cambridge.